Need help before creating your personalized wine gift? Check out these answers to most common questions._

  1. How to count the number of words?

    Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc are a character count as one word, punctuation, letters, numbers are two characters count as one word.
  2. Courier Service and how much is the shipping fee?

    We use Gdex Express Premium Hand Carry Priority VIP services. Shipping fees depends on your shipping area and the weight according the rate of the shipping company.
  3. How long I have to wait after I place my order?

    We will proceed the draft design after payment received it may take 2-3 days, then start the engraving work for about 3 days. Normally it takes 5-7 working days to complete your order.
  4. Can I use other type of liquor for engraving instead of red wine?

    Yes you can, as long as the surface of the bottle is roughness and smooth for engraving.
  5. Can I use my own wine to do the engraving?

    Yes you can, kindly read and agree our "Engraving Agreement", send or post your wine to our company. Kindly prepare 1% to be spare of the loss for large quantity orders of self prepared wine.
  6. How much is the cost for the carving service?

    You can refer to this page, "Carving service price list"
  7. How to send the portraits, photos, or image?

    You may upload the image while filling our order form or email to our company mailbox. Service mailbox at

    [email protected]