Kilchoman 100% Islay

MYR 534.00


Volume : 700ml , ABV : 50.0%

With barley origins, varieties and farm distillers one of the industry’s hot topics, our 100% Islay range remains Scotland’s only Single Farm Single Malt. Whilst many distillers might make whisky from barley grown on their land, in these instances the malting, maturation or bottling is done elsewhere. Our 100% Islay malts can trace their origins back to the barley variety, field and farmer who planted it.

The west coast of Islay, from Portnahaven to Sanaigmore, is regularly battered by strong Atlantic storms. These high winds and rough seas have carved into the coastline to dramatic effect, none more so than at the north-western tip where our Sanaig release has gained it’s name.


Nose: citrus sweetness, apricots and juniper and wild herbs.

Palate: layers of lemon tart, vanilla, briny peat, smoke and dark maple syrup.

Finish: long, clean, oily and intense as flavours fight for supremacy

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