Scottish Leader Original

MYR 205.00


Volume : 700ml , ABV : 40.0%

The Scottish Leader Original is smooth and rich. A lovely release. I do prefer the 12 yo and the Signature release to this bottle as they have more complexity, but that is a personal preference. It is a great all-round dram.

It is also very affordable in SA. The retail price is around R 200. It is a versatile whisky that can easily be added to cocktails and work well with food. This is a dram that should be on your ‘To try’ list – if you have not tried it already.

Tasting Notes

A unique blend of the finest Islay, Highland and Speyside malts, blended with exceptional grain whiskies returning in a distinctive full, rich and slightly smoky Scotch with a warm, long finish.

COLOUR : Copper gold

NOSE : Malt, oak, honey-drizzled fruit salad with a soft smokiness in the background. Hints of sherry sweetness, greenery wood spices.

PALATE : Creamed honey sweetness with hints of smoke and fruit. There are bits of orange with a caramel and nut base. The Scottish Leader Original is smooth with a great spice/sweetness balance. Not the most complex dram, but easy drinking with a few drops of water.

FINISH : Medium length and ends in notes of sweetness and smoke with hints of oak.

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