Brugal Especial Extra Dry

MYR 161.00


Volume : 700ml , ABV : 40%

What makes Blanco Supremo so special? It is the only rum that we filter three times. Of course, it goes through our time-honored distillation process, and it is cask aged in white American oak casks for 2-5 years, the same as Brugal Añejo. But it is the triple filtering that sets it apart by enhancing its smoothness and removing its color – if you like your rums clear, then Blanco Supremo is for you. It has the all the smoothness of great vodka, but all the character of great rum.

Colour: Coconut and light floral hints.

Aroma: Lime joins the coconut just like a song I heard once. Spicy.

Palate: Sweet and crisp.

Finish: Great value white rum.

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