Bols Genever Barrel Aged 1000ml

MYR 313.00


Volume : 1000ml , ABV : 42%

Bols Genever Barrel Aged is aged on French oak casks for 18 months. Rich and rounded malty flavour with tones of oak, hints of juniper and a fruity, complex finish. Made in small batches, according to the original 19th century Lucas Bols recipe.

The ideal Genever to be enjoyed neat or next to a beer, following the Dutch ‘Kopstootje’ ritual. Also great for aged cocktails like the Old Fashioned.

Master Distiller Piet Van Leijenhorst, was inspired by the American bourbon tradition. With his years of experience in aging Genever he decided that an original 19th century Bols Genever recipe would be perfect for aging on oak.

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Rich and rounded malty flavour wit a fruity, complex finish with a hint of juniper.

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