Bols Vodka

MYR 169.00


Volume : 700ml , ABV : 37.5%

Bols Vodka is made from rye and is thereby double distilled and then filtered twice through copper and charcoal filters. This process provides a high degree of purity and ensures an exceptionally soft and balanced quality vodka with a slight accent at the end.

With our craftsmanship and distillation expertise, Bols Vodka was developed in order to create the best mixable vodka for the best cocktails and mixed drinks.

Have you tried the Espresso Martini, the After Eight or the Pornstar Martini with our wodka yet?

Curious about what other kinds of cocktails you can make with the Bols Vodka? Check out our Bols Recipe page and get inspired!

Rich mouthfeel with smooth finish.

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