Raimat Saira Albarino

MYR 81.00


Volume : 750ml , ABV : 12.5%

The sustainable vineyards and the ecosystem make the Raimat estate an authentic paradise for birds. Saira is one of the villages closest to the farm and where it is very common to see bird nests during the migration season. As a symbol of this event we baptized this Albariño with his name, Raimat Saira Albariño, a tribute to the usual storks in Raimat and its surroundings. An original wine that maintains the typicality of the variety, providing nuances and complexity that give it a unique personality.


A perfect pairing with typical dishes that contain white meats, fish, seafood as well as rice dishes and pastas. Ideal served Asian cuisine such as Japanese and Thai, tempuras, grilled vegetables, also with aperitifs such as anchovies, cockles, octopus, olives, etc.



Brilliance, straw yellow with greenish highlights.


Mineral aromas appear first, underlain with notes of white flowers, tropical fruit such as mango, stone fruit such as nectarine and a more citrus touch of ripe grapefruit.


A broad wine, full of texture and continental character. An initial fresh sensation with a more voluminous middle palate and a long refreshing finish. The notes on the nose reappear at different moments. The more citrus notes give way to mineral notes and touches of mango on the palate rounded off by white flowers and nuances of melon.

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