CHOYA Aged 3 Years (with brandy) Miniature 200ml

MYR 58.00


Volume : 200ml , ABV : 15.0%

✔ Made with brandy , soju and 100% Japanese Nanko ume fruit.

✔ A special blend of at least three different ume liqueur batches aged between 3 & 5 years.

✔ Crispy tartness , less sweetness than regular ume liqueur.

✔ 100% Nanko-ume fruit from Wakayama.

✔ No artificial additives such as flavourings, colourings, preservatives.

Tasting Notes

Rich aroma suggestive of fine brandy. Complex and pleasant finish. To be enjoy chilled & straight, on-the-rocks, or mixed in cocktails.

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