MYR 375.00


Volume : 720ml , ABV : 16.0%

This ultra-deluxe daiginjo sake has had over three-quarters of the exterior grain polished away to yield a truly remarkable sake. There are very few breweries that have ever attempted to create a sake using rice that has been so highly polished, or even possess the technology to make it possible. In fact, Asahi Shuzo Company makes an even more premium Dassai that has been polished even further than this!

The Dassai “23” has fruity and confectionary aromas with a touch of minerality. There are scents of green pear, pineapple, vanilla and angel food cake, with just a touch of petrichor. The wet stone minerality extends into the taste as well, allowing flavors of muscat grape and marshmallow to expand across the palate. The Dassai “23” is extremely smooth and light. Being that it is such a unique and extraordinary expression of sake, in my opinion, it is best enjoyed on its own as an aperitif. Allow the sensations that come from this brew to stand alone.

We all know that patience is a virtue, and this sake exemplifies that better than anything else. Widely held as one of the best sake’s around, Dassai 23 pushes the limits of rice polishing. Getting the rice grains to 23% of their original size takes time, but is well worth it. The fragrance is a bouquet of flowers, delicate, loving. The flavor washes over your tongue like a gentle waterfall deep in a secluded forest, and trickles away into a long, satisfying finish. If you like having nothing but the best, you’ll love drinking Dassai 23.


Pear| Fennel


Shellfish | Octopus/Squid

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