Averna "Amaro Siciliano"

MYR 132.00


Volume : 700ml , ABV : 29%

"Averna" Amaro Siciliano - excellent Italian liqueur, made on the basis of an ancient recipe, developed in 1868. The drink contains alcohol of the highest quality, sugar, and various herbs, bringing in a bunch of liquor unique flavor. All ingredients used to create the drink, are thoroughly tested to guarantee the naturalness of liquor, which is now recognized and loved around the world.

Color : Liquor color of dark caramel.

Aroma : The aroma of liquor filled aromas of herbs, spices and citrus peel.

Taste : Liquor has a bitter, astringent, full of flavor.

Gastronomy : Liquor can be used in pure form ice tonic coffee or cocktails.

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