Leonce Vermouth Sauvignon Blanc

MYR 138.00


Volume : 750ml , ABV : 16%

Léonce Extra Dry Sauvignon Blanc is made on a base of sauvignon blanc wine, fortified with a sauvignon blanc brandy. The wine is then enriched with botanicals via blends of macerations or distillates. These botanicals are citrus (pink grapefruit zest, bitter orange, tangerine, lemon and lime), lychee, violet, licorice, mugwort and sage.

Its golden color reveals all the purity of Sauvignon Blanc. First explosive nose of citrus fruits (pink grapefruit, lemon, orange zest) followed by floral and spicy notes.

A round and expressive mouthfeel with notes of lychee and bitter orange. The finish is marked by a sweet bitterness with hints of liquorice and mugwort.

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