Leonce Vermouth Malbec

MYR 138.00


Volume : 750ml , ABV : 16%

Elaborated with a Malbec Reserva whose fermentation was stopped by the addition of a pinot gris distillate, it is enriched with twenty botanicals, from the Andes Cordillera and mainly cultivated in the gardens of the Bodega.

It is a complex blend of citrus peels, spices (star anise, ginger.), Aromatic herbs (mint, basil, sage, chamomile, lavender, etc.), bitter plants (cinchona, roots of gentians,…) and plants typical of the South American continent (Inca tea, sedum morganium, larrea, matico,…)

Léonce Malbec is the expression of all the scents of these vast expanses of the Andean foothills in a vermouth.

An intense color and a deep robe characteristic of Malbec.

A complex nose where the strong presence of herbs fully respects the olfactory signature of Malbec.

A perfect bitter-sweetness-alcohol balance. With a lot of character, the palate offers herbal and bitter nuances that blend into the roundness of the Chacayes Malbec.

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