Leonce Vermouth Maury Rouge

MYR 148.00


Volume : 750ml , ABV : 16%

Naturally sweet, Le Maury is then enriched with alcoholates. These are natural extracts of citrus fruits (grapefruit, oranges, lemon, ...), Mediterranean herbs (hyssop, blessed charcoal, germander, ...), spices (juniper, star anise, tonka bean, bird pepper, ...) and aromatic plants (verbena, angelica, centaury, elecampane, wormwood, etc.) obtained from macerations or distillations.

Its natural sweet wine base gives Léonce Rouge a unique character while remaining in the tradition of French vermouths.

A beautiful purple dress.

The nose of ripe fruits typical of Maury, is sublimated by a spicy touch (star anise) and subtle citrus nuances. Then come the vegetal notes (sage / hyssop).

The palate is full and round. The peppery and spicy notes blend harmoniously with the natural tannins of Maury (dried fruits, tobacco, etc.). A persistent finish, underlined by chilli and bitter orange, completes the complexity of this aperitif.

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