Martell Noblige (Limited Edition Pack by Angel Chen)

MYR 378.00


Volume : 700ml , ABV : 40%

A superbly stylish cognac whose name refers to the old French saying, 'Noblesse Oblige'. Martell Noblige is intended for those who prize the natural dignity of a great cognac. The bottle's contemporary design carries strong cues of elegance and sophistication. A masculine and elegant cognac, expressive of the fruit's smooth and generous sensuality balanced with complex wood notes.

Inspired by the concept of “the West meets the East”, Angel Chen created a fantasy world of a convivial moment with an ancient Chinese poet inviting his friend, a stylish fashion designer from the modern world to enjoy Martell Noblige together. She designed a pack with the audacious creation of this beautiful Chinese scene combined with the infusion of impressive iconic touches of Maison Martell, such as distillation pots, barrels, vines and grapes, as well as the emblematic swift, all enriching the beauty of this concept.