【MLE31E】Noblige Limited Edition by Jacky Tsai (PRE BOOKING)

MYR 398.00


Volume : 700ml , ABV : 40%

Code : MLE31E

1 x 70cl Martell Noblige

For Martell Noblige Limited Edition, the artist Jacky Tsai has created a collage capturing his dynamic vision of the swift, the historic emblem of Maison Martell which symbolises its spirit of freedom and daring.

Martell Noblige combines the savoirfaire of Maison Martell with an energy, intensity and attitude on its own. It cradles a selection of more than 100 eaux-de-vie distinguished by the round, generous sensuality of sweet fruit and the sophistication of woody notes. A blend of the four most prestigious crus which creates an impeccably balanced cognac blending roundness and power.

The Colour

Dark gold with copper hues.

The Aroma

Abundant fruit notes of pear and prune, exotic hints of vanilla pod and caramelised grape, and a distinctive woody character with notes of myrrh, cedar and fine-grained oak.

The Taste

An elegantly structured marriage of strength and smoothness with a good length.