The Choya Yowanai (Non Alcohol)

MYR 109.00



Volume : 700ml , ABV : 0%

Umeshu’s real taste with 0% alcohol.

The cores of premium Nanko ume fruits, grown in Japan’s Kishu region, are crushed using the Micro-Powder method and blended with the fruits’ juices to recreate the rich and exquisite taste of high-quality umeshu.

Enjoy on the rocks, with carbonated water, or as part of an exotic cocktail!

This alcohol-free CHOYA Umeshu is made with all-natural ingredients and contains NO artificial flavours or colours.

Alcohol-free beverages are a great loophole for health conscious drinkers. Why not give your body a day off from alcohol if having the taste of alcohol is enough to get you in the mood to celebrate? If you’re a party host, preparing non-alcoholic drinks promotes an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can have fun; they are safe for friends and family who cannot drink alcohol for health reasons.