Wolf Blass Maker's Project Pink Pinot Grigio

MYR 128.00


Volume : 750ml , ABV : 13.5%

Makers’ Project is a range that celebrates expertise and innovation in wine. It builds on Wolfgang Blass’s original vision to create wines that taste great – wines people want to drink. These are wines our winemakers love to make, wines that highlight innovative quirks and winemaking processes that make them not only tasty, but fresh, original and exciting.

Makers’ Project Pink Pinot Grigio is a refreshing drop that will tantalise the taste buds. Made by fermenting free run juice, and enhancing the natural pink colour of the Pinot Grigio skins, this is a light-bodied style with a crisp, dry finish, that’s packed with flavour.

NOSE : Ripe pear, green apple, citrus zest and honeysuckle, with hints of strawberry and rhubarb.

FLAVOURS & PALATE : A refreshing, light-bodied wine, with pure, vibrant, fresh fruit flavours and a crisp, dry finish.